How to install the development version on Unix platform

How to install the developement version on Unix platform

Installing Perl

Perl runtime

It should already be present on any Unix system.

Additional Perl modules

From a terminal, install the following additional modules using cpanplus shell (cpanp):

  • XML::TreePP
  • UNIVERSAL::require
  • File::Which
  • Text::Template

    $ cpanp CPAN Terminal> install XML::TreePP

Installing the agent

From an archive file

You can download latest git content as a .tar.gz file from github web interface.

From git repository

From a terminal, clone the repository using git client:

$ git clone git://
$ cd agent

Check the dependencies

$ perl Makefile.PL

You can use either, your OS packages, cpanp or cpanm to install the missing dependencies.

Running the agent

You can run the agent directly from extraction directory

[guillaume@beria agent.git]$ ./bin/fusioninventory-agent --stdout