NetworkInventory extended

NetworkInventory extended

IO cards

It’s networks equipments with network port:

  • Modem
  • fiber port

We will have same structure than network equipment:


management cards

It’s components:

  • fans
  • power

We will have this information:



Evolution of XML structure of networkequipment

We need to have more fields in XML structure to manage more information of like:

  • ??

Idem for PORTS section

  • for IFTYPE = 94:adsl (need to verify this), need:
    • adsl login
    • freshness
    • encapsulation protocol
  • for a IFTYPE = 23:ppp/3g (need to verify this), need:
    • SERIAL: SIM number
    • APN: apn
    • freshness
    • LINE_NUMBER: line number

On android inventory we have this structure:

fr 20815 Free 8933150112022770809 SIM_STATE_READY +33652538570 208150102278715