FusionInventory agent 2.0beta1

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This is the first release of the FusionInventory-Agent 2.0 serie. There is major changes in the release :

  • OcsDeploy (was Download.pm) module has been rewritten from scratch. It’s now possible to do P2P deployment.
  • SNMP and NetDiscovery support. This is a major changes. FusionInventory Agent is now directly connected with GLPI via GLPI Tracker plugin ( https://forge.indepnet.net/projects/show/tracker/ ) !
  • A lot of internal changes and clean up has also been done.
  • Initial HP-UX support thanks to François MERMET

Changes since the last stable release : 2.0beta1

  • Use Sys::Hostname instead of uname for better portability
  • add –daemon-no-fork
  • post-install.pl: Don’t ask the user if Download.pm should be enabled
  • Drop the linux_agent modules compatibility layer
  • Rename module hook functions :

  • check() → isInventoryEnabled()
  • run() → doInventory()
  • longRun() → postInventory()


  • Add isPostInventoryEnabled() function* Drop AccountConfig. replaced by Storage
  • Move Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::{Inventory,Prolog,SimpleMessage} in Ocsinventory::Agent::XML::Query
  • WakeOnLan support (David DURIEUX)
  • Ocsinventory renamed to FusionInventory
  • OcsDeploy full rewrite
  • P2P mode in daemon mode (-d or -D)
  • add –rpc-ip
  • SNMP support (David DURIEUX)
  • Network discovery (David DURIEUX)
  • WakeOnLan (David DURIEUX)
  • postinst.pl is now and is installed in the $PATH
  • Solaris: use regex to identify CPU class (Jerome LEBAS)
  • Solaris/Network: support Zone (Jerome LEBAS)
  • HP-UX: initial support, tested on RP3440 (François MERMET)
  • Changed arguments to dpkg-query for compatibility (Scott HANNAHS)
  • MacOSX: Distinguish clearly between “OS Name” and “System Version” by parsing output carefully for both variables. Clean up language in description. (Scott HANNAHS)
  • Add an in contrib example of script to identify specific software (Simon CLARA)
  • Upgrade memconf to V2.13
  • Use parameters to simplify the way dmidecode is called (Dmitry ILYIN)
  • Solaris: Bonding support (Stéphane URBANOVSKI)
  • Remove exec flag on lib/Ocsinventory/Agent/Backend/OS/MacOS/Hostname.pm (Remi COLLET)
  • spelling in manpage authentification → authentication
  • MacOSX: Correctly identify the CPU frequency on MacOSX 1.6 French, thanks Grek
  • Improve the README about non-interactive installation
  • Bump copyright date from 2009 to 2010
  • Linux/PPC: Frequency is an integer, not a float

Please test it and report bugs.