FusionInventory for GLPI 2.3.5 is available

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The plugins FusionInventory for GLPI is now available in 2.3.5. It’s a fix version.

To download : fusioninventory-for-glpi-metapackage_2.3.5 Remember : FusionInventory plugins 2.3.x is compatible only with GLPI 0.78.x and not with GLPI 0.80 !

This is the changelog : Core (FusionInventory 2.3.5)

  • Fix security rights on some pages and tabs! (thanks Michał Panasiewicz)
  • Fix a bug because when agent update inventory, it lock all fields
  • Fix a bug on communication page when class not found
  • Fix problem on calculate next execution of task (can be take many and many times (ticket #949)
  • Fix SQL query very long on run task (in get action informations) and may have a timeout (ticket #954)
  • Fix chmod on some files (thanks Remi Collet)
  • Fix bug on force run task because it run other tasks too
  • Fix compatibility with OCS agents (old version of unix) because XML is in iso instead of utf-8
  • Fix error when calculate next task execution when periodicity not set
  • Fix display HTML table of task job logs

Local inventory (FusinvInventory 2.3.5-1)

  • Fix / at the begin of user name (ticket #909)
  • Fix some computer fields is updated when they are locked (ticket #971)
  • Provide a way to read alternative system manufacturer and model on Asus motherboard (ticket #904)
  • Fix import softwares with entities. Thanks David Olivier
  • When software have no version number, put ‘N/A’ instead ‘0’ because cause some problems on GLPI core. Thanks David Olivier
  • Fix is_global field when add monitor, peripheral and printer
  • Fix VIRTUALMACHINES section in integrity check of data
  • Fix problem with integrity and STORAGE sections when have harddisks and drives. (ticket #975)

Remote inventory (FusinvSnmp 2.3.5-1)

  • Fix chmod on some files (thanks Remi Collet)
  • Fix bug in display network port connections log of a switch port. (ticket #959)
  • Fix security rights on some pages and tabs
  • Fix set wrong SNMP model when not find with sysdescr in printer and networkequipment devices. (ticket #974)
  • Fix error/warning on snmpquery on agent. (ticket #976)
  • Fix when port connected to itself (perhaps bug) and new port must be connected, it keep connection on itself and don’t connect it. (ticket #983)
  • Update models