FusionInventory for GLPI 2.4.0 rc2 available

1 minute read

We have released 2.4.0 RC2 version (so release in couple of days :) ).

Since RC1, this is all fixes (many fixes in 2 weeks only) :

  • Fix rule with only name EXISTS. Ticket 1036
  • Add rule “computer + name” by default (only on install plugin). Ticket 1039
  • Fix wizard with computers options.
  • Add menu for inventory of computer in wizard to display url link of communication server.
  • Fix rules and add unit test for this. Ticket 1048
  • Fix modify entity of agent. Ticket 1047
  • Fix rule tests form.
  • Add transfer massive action to transfer task on another entity. Ticket1 1046
  • Fix on reinstall same version : sql-errors and problem on configuration. Ticket 1042
  • Fix error php when add unknown device.
  • Fix on manage hub (unknown device).
  • Fix inconsistent vocabulary. Ticket 1032
  • Modify code get XML from agent and so win time and cpu usage.
  • Add code to unable to install on version < 0.80 and > 0.81 (prevent errors).
  • Fix entity problems when add taskjob. Ticket 1051
  • Fix problem on lock alternate username when first inventory of a computer. Ticket 1040
  • Add XML writing for unknown device if rule put computer into unknonwn device.
  • Add computer to unknown device if it’s an unknown device (before computer not imported).
  • FIx problem with SMODEL and MMODEL. Ticket 1043
  • Fix display Array for Unknown device import rules. Ticket 1035
  • Fix creation of switch and printer port in entity root instead switch or printer entity. Ticket 1049
  • Fix sql-error on net discovery. Ticket 1044
  • Update for error when plugin fusioninventory not present.
  • Fix error on search in unknown device. Ticket 1041
  • Fix purging unfinished actions prevent task rescheduling. Ticket 1033

Thanks you to users reports bugs.

2 things will be very great to do by community:

    • Test and report bugs if you find them
    • Translate plugins FusionInventory in your languages (references languages are “en” and “fr” file

You can download 2.4.0 RC2 Version for GLPI 0.80.X here.