FusionInventory for GLPI 0.80+1.1 rc1

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We released a first release candidat of 0.80+1.1. Please report bugs but do NOT use it in production!


  • We fixed many bugs, unit tests pass now (171432 checks)
  • We added support for about 200 new SNMP devices.

Thank you for test and bug reports.

You can download this version here

Changelog is available here

New Deploy feature

This release comes with a new “Deploy” plugin. The feature requires a 2.2.x agent. This agent is also in a RC/validation cycle. You can download it here:

Upload from the last BETA release

For people have installed BETA version, apply these SQL queries to force plugins to update to this RC1 :

UPDATE `glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_configs` SET `value` = '2.4.0' WHERE `glpi_plugin_fusioninventory_configs`.`type` = 'version'; UPDATE `glpi_plugins` SET `version` = '2.4.0' WHERE `directory`='fusioninventory' OR `directory`='fusinvinventory' OR `directory`='fusinvsnmp';