FusionInventory for GLPI 0.80+1.4 released

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It’s a pleasure to announce the version 0.80+1.4 of plugins fusioninventory for GLPI (so for GLPI 0.80.x, not for GLPI 0.83.x !).

This version fix mainly bugs, but there are some modifications on deployement features (thanks to kiniou), so works better ;).

You can see tickets here

You can download this version here

This is the procedure to update this version:

  • disable fus* plugins in menu Setup > Plugins (disable, not uninstall!!)
  • Remove folders fusi* in glpi/_plugins/* uncompress the new archive ( fusioninventory-for-glpi-metapackage_0.80+1.4.tar.gz ) in this folder
  • reconnect to GLPI (log in)
  • update + activate the fus* plugins in the menu Setup > Plugins

To end this announce, thanks to users report the bugs ;)