Website migration

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Last week, website was migrated from Wordpress to Ikiwiki.


A few years ago, we decided to use DITA XML for documentation and Wordpress for the Website. DITA is too complicated for us without major advantages (tool chain, hard to translate, require an XML editor). Wordpress is a great product, but we only used it to publish static page from time to time.


So we decided to change the situation to provide an up-to-date documentation directly on the website. For this, we are very happy with Ikiwiki:

  • We can maintain the documentation directly with Git and a text editor
  • Anyone can update documentation/* pages from the Web without any special account
  • The Markdown syntax is simple enough
  • Tools like pandoc exist in order to convert or generate Markdown from different formats (HTML, ODT, DOC, etc).

The website is hosted at

We are looking for people willing to help us for the documentation

  • You made a tutorial for your company and want to share it.
  • You want to fix some issues with the current documentation.
  • You are a translator.

Please contact us.