Hack and Quack 2012 in Paris

1 minute read

Last week end, we had a great time with the Perl community at the Quack And Hack 2012 Europe meeting in Paris.

These meeting had been the opportunity for the developement team to speak about the roadmap and the incoming releases.

It was also the first time we met Tomás Abad from Spain. Sadly David Durieux had been blocked at home by the snow snow falls.

Tomás works on a new Windows installer for FusionInventory Agent. He already spent a lot of time to understand and clean the old NSIS scripts. He also maintain a clear and complet documentation about the build process.

He plans to be ready for the 2.3.0 release of the agent. The job is done in the fusioninventory-agent-windows-installer project on the forge.

You can contact him on the FusionInventory-Developer mailing list. He also uses to be time to time on IRC (tabad).

What we achieved

  • clarify what had to be done to finish the 2.3.0 release of the agent
  • Decided to migrate to AnyEvent, thanks to Olivier Mengué ( dolmen )
  • Fixed numerous bugs and long time issues
  • Uploded on CPAN bug fix releases for Task-Network and Task-Deploy


We want to sent a big thanks (and some round TUIT) to the people and companies who supported the meeting.

Thank Wendy for the pictures =).