FusionInventory agent 2.3.0

2 minute read

Hello FusionInventory users,

The FusionInventory Agent maintainers are glad to announce the 2.3.0 release.

You can download the archive from the forge or directly from the CPAN

We want to thank all the people involved during the developement process.


Windows packages are available on the forge. The new installer is now maintained by Tomás Abad. The parameters are different take some minutes to read the documentation.

The previous 2.2.x Windows packages are still available.

The other packages, especially MacOSX, will be published soon.

This release changelog

This is a major release that include various important changes.


  • Deploy, Network and ESX tasks are now integrated in the distribution
  • new fusioninventory-inventory executable, dedicated to inventory task


  • no more thread usage for HTTP interface
  • no more token usage for HTTP interface, request source address is enough
  • --httpd-trust option now allows multiple values
  • --daemon and --no-fork options are now available from command-line only

inventory task:

  • add DNS_DOMAIN, BOOT_TIME and FQDN in OPERATINGSYSTEM section ([[!bug 1197]], [[!bug 1347]], [[!bug 1358]])
  • collect public SSH keys
  • collect local users and groups ([[!bug 1570]], [[!bug 1870]])
  • collect license key for MS Office on Windows ([[!bug 152]])
  • collect software from user profile on Windows([[!bug 1674]])
  • collect license key for Adobe suite, Panic’s Transit, VMware Fusion on MacOs
  • collect service package version on AIX ([[!bug 1896]])
  • collect manufacturer information for memories ([[!bug 1735]])
  • enforce consistent handling of USB and PCI identifiers ([[!bug 1861]])
  • enforce consistent TYPE values for network interfaces ([[!bug 1838]])
  • various UTF8 encoding fixes
  • better stripping of bogus values
  • Megaraid and 3ware RAID controller support on BSD (Egor Morozov)
  • Megaraid controller support on Linux (Egor Morozov)
  • support new OpenVZ configuration on Linux (Alessandro Iurlano)
  • LPAR support on AIX ([[!bug 950]], [[!bug 952]])
  • FreeBSD jail support on BSD ([[!bug 736]], [[!bug 1555]])
  • better caching of system_profiler output ([[!bug 2076]])
  • better Qemu support ([[!bug 2106]])
  • better OpenVM support ([[!bug 1774]])
  • better HyperV support ([[!bug 1989]], [[!bug 1990]], [[!bug 1991]])
  • fix CPU inventory for non-i386 arches on Linux ([[!bug 2172]])
  • better CPU inventory on Solaris ([[!bug 1741]], [[!bug 1905]], [[!bug 2152]])
  • better memory inventory on Solaris ([[!bug 1711]], [[!bug 1714]], [[!bug 1737]])
  • better slot inventory on Solaris ([[!bug 1730]])
  • fix VXFS filesystem identification on Solaris ([[!bug 1696]])
  • minimal support for busybox-specific command output ([[!bug 1372]])
  • no more memconf usage on Solaris
  • no more Mac::SysProfile usage on MacOS ([[!bug 1646]])

wake-on-lan task:

  • ethernet and udp methods support on all systems

netdiscovery task:

  • fix for regression introduced during code refactoring regarding printers identification

test suite:

  • check the link for 404 error in the doc
  • check for warnings generated during parsing
  • check entries generated from parsing match expected inventory format
  • normalize list before comparaison, for perl 5.18 hash randomisation

We did our best to provide a solid release, please contact us is you believe you find something unexpected.