FusionInventory for GLPI 0.84+1.0 released

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Some days ago the GLPI Project has released a new major release of GLPI. We want to congratulate the GLPI team :)

It’s a real pleasure to announce the release of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI 0.84+1.0 designed for this new GLPI version.

major changes

  • Aggregation of different fus* plugins into unique plugin named ‘FusionInventory’
  • Rewrite inventory engine, remove cache, enhance performance (from 150% to more than 1000%)
  • reorder menu of plugin (in Plugins > FusionInventory)

  • Use GLPI configuration field ‘Entity for software creation’
  • Use GLPI ‘is_dynamic’ system, permit to display if a field/component/volume/… is from automatic inventory or managed manually
  • Display archname for windows (works only with agent 2.3 minimum)
  • Add option to create computer from VM information from host inventory
  • Display switch ports in GLPI Core ‘network ports’ tab and add possibility to switch to GLPI Core view
  • Add % of cartridge when create a SNMPmodel (with community tool)
  • Page counter graph use now nvd3, powerfull graphs
  • New dynamic groups for deploy system based on GLPI search engine
  • Add location link for mirrors (Deploy)
  • Add a new rule type : location

Bug fixes

This release also come with the usual fixes and improvements.

See the changelog for further information.


The archive is available in the Download page of the forge

Bug hunting contest result:

  1. Tomás Abad (14 bugs)
  2. (ex aequo): Arnaud Meurou and Romain Ingrand (11 bugs)

So we will send a Rapsberry pi to Tomas ;) Thanks to all of you who reported bugs for the release!

We want to take the opportunity of this news to thanks Tomás Abad who dedicated a lot of his time to the FusionInventory project. You rocks!