FusionInventory for GLPI 0.85+1.0

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FusionInventory plugin for GLPI 0.85+1.0 release

Hello FusionInventory users,

After many months of development by me and kiniou, the first version compatible with GLPI 0.85.x is available.

This is the new features:


  • You can lock a field for an itemtype (for example lock contact field for all computers) ticket 1184


  • Speed of computer network ports is now managed ticket 2439


  • You can reset the import rules and recreate default rules ticket 1271
  • Monitor, printers and peripheral of computer pass now in the import rules ticket 2204
  • Add field ‘domain’ in import rules ticket 2333
  • New default import rules ticket 2793


  • When do a network discovery, it use the SNMP credentials defined in the IP range + management of the order ticket 2237
  • Remove SNMP models like we said since many months ticket 2465


  • Task management rewriten and add agent-driven mode (ondemand) with timeslot for execution (define when run), monitoring logs… ticket 2371


  • Import and export packages for deployment ticket 2475


  • Add cron for delete agent not contacted the server since xx weeks/months ticket 1708
  • Add icon beside computer, printer… field to see if the field is locked or not ticket 2534
  • New rights ticket 2214

More information:

Thanks again to people who test, report bugs / features, translate… ;)