FusionInventory for GLPI 0.85+1.2

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FusionInventory plugin for GLPI 0.85+1.2 release

Hello FusionInventory users,

after some months of bug fixes and some features, this is the version 0.85+1.2.

This is the changelog:


  • Size of disk of computer
  • Translation in printer SNMP tab for day, week, month and year
  • PHP error in blacklist in some cases
  • Right for link with plugin monitoring
  • Massive actions (some has been broken)
  • SQL error on printer search list when search / display FusionInventory fields
  • PHP notices on computer inventory in some cases
  • Display networkInventory in task logs (monitoring)
  • Display of several task using same target in task logs (monitoring)
  • Update list (prepared, to do, finished…) in task logs (monitoring)
  • PHP errors in task / task job preparing
  • Remove otherserial in networkinventory because removed from specs
  • Fix fatal error on computer inventory for networkport speed
  • In default rules import, computer name import is now enable
  • List of job in task when job have no name
  • Network inventory with printer / networkequipment without IP


  • Rename “delete tasks after n days” into “delete tasks logs after n days” in configuration form
  • Add cdrom / dvd import
  • Network equipment display ports tagged
  • Update travis to use new infrastructure + add test coverage (dev part, but important)
  • Optimize task logs (monitoring) rendering
  • Upgrade js lib and optimize js/css loading
  • Don’t display inactive task in monitoring/log
  • Add regex in action of location rules
  • Manage entity rule with regexp and entity tag (2 different rules with regexp + action by entity tag)

You can download on our forge

Thanks again to people who test, report bugs / features, translate… ;)

Last thing, the tests cover 31% of the code (+9% from version 0.85+1.1)