Release FusionInventory for GLPI 0.90+1.2

1 minute read

It’s a pleasure to announce the release of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI in version 0.90+1.2.

The features:

  • Add mass action in ipranges list to add them in a job of task
  • Show the Netpoints (network outlet) in port view of network equipments form
  • Add page to delete unused files for deploy
  • Show network outlet in FusionInventory view

The fixes:

  • Fix report ports_date_connections
  • Do not import a dropdown value if it is locked bug (computer + discovery + network inventory/SNMP)
  • Don’t show deploymirror form with innexistant id
  • Remove unused automatic task ‘updatedynamictasks’
  • Wrong IP address displayed in a connecte device in port tab in networkequipment form
  • Add IP (and all network port criteria) criteria in dynamic group
  • SQL Error on package deploy form
  • Fix SNMP v3 privprotocol
  • Fix display the column “FusInv - SNMP authentication” in glpi/front/printer.php
  • Fix sort / order / paging in elements of fusioninventory dynamic groups
  • Fix SQL error on add some unmanaged devices (discovery)
  • Fix relocated ipranges, deploy mirrors, tasks… in level-1 of entity when delete entity
  • Peripherals are now linked to the computer
  • Some modification of default import rules

You can download the version 0.90+1.2

Don’t forget to read the documentation for install / update the plugin