Release FusionInventory for GLPI 0.90+1.4

1 minute read

It’s a pleasure to announce the release of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI in version 0.90+1.4.

This version is a bug fixes version + a serious security fix.

The fixes:

  • Fix link to import rules in imported rules page
  • Fix timeslot errors in task when installed on IIS
  • Fix path link when the collect module of agent send files in plugin FusionInventory
  • Security problem when have deploy package right
  • Fix firefox display command in deploy package
  • Fix too many problems in collect module, so now works like a charm
  • Fix config url in breadcrumb
  • Fix SQL error in main page of plugin (graphs)
  • Fix / enhance display printer count page graph when have only 1 value
  • Fix memory inventory on computer when not detect real memories
  • Fix translations

You can download the version 0.90+1.4

Don’t forget to read the documentation for install / update the plugin

Some other important information:

  • We continue the next major version for GLPI 9.1. You can see the roadmap planned for this version here. Yes it looks great ;)
  • This version is planned for october 2016
  • This release is the 100th of the plugin ;)
  • be carefull to right use this official version, because we manage bug fixes, tests and security fixes