FusionInventory Agent 2.3.19

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The FusionInventory Agent maintainers are proud to announce the 2.3.19 release.

You can download sources or dedicated installer from the our github releases page:

See download instructions for details.

There has been a long delay since 2.3.18 release, almost 9 months. As a consequence, a lot of bug fixes and enhancements have been accumulated, such as:

  • better stability and very ligth memory footprint under Windows
  • Audits in Deploy task upadted as v2.2 to better report agent status during checks and deployments. You’ll need a FusionInventory for GLPI plugin update to fully benfefits from this update.
  • updated & reworked monitors inventory
  • virtualization/container detection updates: docker, HyperV, VMWare, KVM, LXC/LXD, VirtualBox
  • TeamViewerID support (Linux, Win32, MacOS X)
  • Hostid support (Linux, Solaris)
  • pci & usb included databases update
  • update dmidecode to v3.0 in windows installer
  • etc…

Check the Changes file for more details.

Finally, we recently open a Userecho suggestion site where you can want to submit your ideas or whishes for the future of FusionInventory agent and/or plugin for GLPI.

Don’t hesitate to participate by voting or even put your 2 cents !

Still many thanks to all our community, users and contributors !