Release FusionInventory for GLPI 9.2+2.0

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It’s a pleasure to announce the release of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI in version 9.2+2.0.

This version is a major version.



Agent management

  • purge agent on computer purge when no task associated [issue #2323]
  • remove agent tab in computer, and get agent status in auto_inventory block [issue #2372]
    • animate get status
    • add sentence when no request
    • call ajax and autorefresh after forceinventory

Computer inventory

  • display license fullname if not empty [issue #2361]
  • factorize software import code and add comments [issue #2424]
  • add a method to check if a drive is a network drive. Consider smbfs and afpfs as network drives [issue #2440]

Network inventory / discovery

  • add column in IP range list to display the name of the SNMP credentials [issue #2313]
  • remove AES protocols not supported with SNMPv3 [issue #2385]
  • add capability to location rule engine to work with snmp asset [issue #2352]
  • display FusionInventory SNMP tab even if no inventory has been performed (to set snmp auth and inventory device without discovery) [issue #2450]
  • import storage devices as network devices in network inventory and network discovery [issue #2430]
  • check if port exists using logical number first and then mac address
  • add a script to quickly setup a SNMP discovery/inventory environment
  • network ports are sorted naturally by name

Task management

  • uniform fusioninventory group label in task job [issue #2316]
  • remove dead code in tasks. Translation strings that are not yet translated [issue #2394]
    • remove dead code in tasks
    • translate hardcoded strings in tasks logs
    • use constants for tasks related states
  • add a configuration parameter to configure default jobs re-preparation behavior [issue #2407]
  • add a warning message for tasks having more than one job
  • update mustache from version 2.0. to 2.3.0 (and so fixe some problems on task logs)
  • improve the get jobs log process (better performances) [issue #2412]
  • only one job per task [issue #2403]

Software deployment

  • user interactions for Windows software deployment [issue #2366]
    • require agent 2.3.21 or higher mandatory
  • display a link to the task currently using the package in deploy package form [issue #2382]
  • use fields plugin in the search engine of computers groups [issue #2418]
    • dynamic computers groups - add the matching items on the items tab
    • restore the broken pagination in the dynamic group
    • add a preview in the search form of the dynamic groups
    • remove unused showGenericSearch function
    • allow to include Fields plugin fields in the computers groups criteria
    • allow to use collected (registry,wmi,…) information in the groups criteria
    • do not display search result for a dynamic group on the search tab
    • fix modal view for the dynamic group search results
  • add csv import feature for static deploy groups

Installation script

  • add an option to force plugin installation with cli script (for testing purposes) [issue #2402]


  • enhancement to support CRSF compliant POST method for collect tasks from agents supporting the method


  • import simcards, and factorize code [issue #2393]
  • update local and manual unit test procedure [issue #2393]
  • clean getsearchoptions (for search)
  • add release script
    • fix name, check version, set official
    • check XML file (well formed and release)
    • ask if translations are up-to-date
    • drop embedded minified files
  • add computer comment to collection actions rules [issue #2459]
  • do not add entries in the log at asset creation [issue #2462]
  • replace beta message [issue #2457] [issue #2482]
  • clean and add extra debug log for rules engine - this will make it easier to understand some problems…
  • Change XML filename (add .xml extensions). Ability to download xml files for printers & network equipments.
    • code factorization
    • add a message in the log if no PluginFusioninventoryItem instance can be found for the itemtype
    • factorize uptime display and use glpi core locales instead of the plugin’s ones

Bugs fixed

Computer inventory

  • avoid importing disks with empty serial [issue #2322]
  • inventory information should not be displayed on computer creation (id <= 0) [issue #2327]
  • default states_id should not erase locked states_id [issue #2286]
  • prevent notice when lock set on name
  • cast memories frequency to avoid warning on comparison
  • only rely on itemtype and items_id to prevent duplicates operating systems
  • fix undefined variables [issue #2392]
  • set network speed interface to 0 if it is not an integer [issue #2414]
  • fix software version without os [issue #2437]
  • fix license label display in the asset’s software tab [issue #2470]

Task management

  • fix warning in timeslot form [issue #2318]
  • prevent timeslot display when failing to check entities
  • ensure taskid is not empty to prevent JS issues [issue #2319]
  • target a task with computers massive actions [issue #2404]
  • check if a task and a package were chosen for computer massive action: task target [issue #2431]

Software deployment


  • run collect shouldn’t delete old content for other agents
  • set an entities_id for collected fields [issue #2416]


  • ensure JS lib is loaded when required [issue #2067]
  • fix project URL in plugins page
  • don’t add doublon for existing import rules [issue #2320]
  • prevent notices in ignoredimportdevice [issue #2359]
  • sometime agent don’t send name [issue #2358]
    • fix errors in php log file when a computer, a monitor or a printer doesn’t have a name
  • fixes for Maria 10.2
    • ensure index are removed before fields
    • see
    • fixes following mariadb 10.2 changes and improvements
    • add build matrix
    • handle update calls to current_timestamp
    • handle curent_timestamp…
    • default value on longblob
  • fix NetworkEquipment import (by serial) [issue #2380]
    • replacement typo NetworkEquipment import (by serial) by NetworkEquipment update (by serial)
  • make consistent messages “Equipment ignored on import” [issue #2308]
  • fix dropdown values to link an agent to a computer: was sending a wrong entity ID [issue #2451]
  • fix standalone FIRMWARES and SIMCARDS
  • fix xml dir casesensitive [issue #2465]
    • remove old script
    • create a constant for xml file path and remove tmpmodels and walk directories

Download & install

You can download the version here: 9.2+2.0

Don’t forget to read the documentation for install / update the plugin

Important information: this version is for GLPI 9.2 (and fixes versions like 9.2.1, 9.2.2 … so 9.2.x).