Release FusionInventory for GLPI 9.3+1.2

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It’s a pleasure to announce the release of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI in version 9.3+1.2.

This version is a bugfix version (with some little features).


  • add last_boot field in computer with the date of the last boot got by the agent
  • switch the default MySQL engine to InnoDB
  • fix and enhance tests
  • fix deprecated functions calls (warning in GLPI logs)
  • refactor(setup): use constants for GLPI min and max version
  • import missing antivirus fields
  • check date_expiration of antivirus is well-formatted as date
  • fix antivirus expiration date day and month ordering
  • fix computer search
  • upgrade lazyjs lib
  • add COMMENTS support to softwares inventory
  • fix glpi right to import xml
  • prevent duplicate compatibility message
  • fix sql query in timeslot
  • fix comptability with plugin fields
  • add tests for PHP 7.3
  • add ‘start job now’ support on deploy audit check failure
  • fix the repeated display of the switch name

Download & install

You can download the version here: 9.3+1.2

Don’t forget to read the documentation for install / update the plugin

Important information: this version is for GLPI 9.3 (and fixes versions like 9.3.1, 9.3.2 … so 9.3.x). Recommanded if you have 9.3.2 or newer.