The FusionInventory Agent maintainers are proud to announce the 2.6 release.

You can download sources or dedicated installer from the fusioninventory-agent github releases:

Or see download instructions for details.

Since last 2.5.2 release, many bug fixes and enhancements have been accumulated, such as:

For the core:

  • when reloading, options set on commandline are kept
  • completly empty defines (nothing after the equal sign) in config files is now supported and this fix an issue where windows portable version was trying to write to a log file by default

For the Inventory task:

  • some fixes has been included for unix systems and win32:
    • we fixed Batteries support and added an information to report capacity usage
    • we added some new Acer monitor serial support
    • on linux, the support for Snap packages in softwares has been fixed when a package with a long summary is installed
    • on debian linux, we fixed the support of packages with no size set
    • on win32, Surface Go 2 are no more reported as Hyper-V
    • on linux, disk encryption detection has been enhanced
    • on linux, Qemu Kvm virtualization inventory has been enhanced
    • dmidecode parsing result has been cleaned a little
    • on linux, virtual overlayfs related to docker are now filtered out
    • on linux, ASM storage inventory has been enhanced
    • manufacturer reporting is now better
    • we now support parsing few manufacturer PartNumbers which can enhance inventory for memories and controllers
    • thanks to a great work from Vadim Pisarev (aka po1vo):
      • smartctl could be used to enhanced storage support on linux
      • memory model is now included in inventory
      • controller model and serial are also supported
      • memory and controller inventory can also be enhanced using IPMI
      • Storage inventory has been enhanced
      • we have Micron PartNumber memory support
  • pci & usb included databases has been updated

For the NetDiscovery/NetInventory tasks:

  • the following enhancement has been included:
    • a better Ricoh and Zebra printers support with better hostname detection
    • Oki printers support has been enhanced with model detection
    • support for few Siemens and MultiTech industrial modules
    • LinuxAppliance support has been extended to support Ubiquiti UniFi AP
    • Hwg support has been added thanks to Bertrand Keller
    • HP switches support has been enhanced
  • few more devices are fully detected with the updated sysobject.ids

For ESX task:

  • we now verify a user and password has been provided before attemting to connect to ESX server

For tools:

  • fusioninventory-injector has been enhanced to avoid a fatal error while submitting a empty or wrong file and while using –xml-ua option
  • fusioninventory-injector also now check and report an error if the server is answering the XML is not valid

On packaging side:

Check the Changes file for more details.

The agent is no more supported for old operating systems. It may continue to work on these platforms but we won’t handle issues reported for them:

  • Windows XP/NT/2000
  • Mac OSX < 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Solaris 8

As another reminder, Windows agent installers are built from the fusioninventory-agent-windows-installer github repository.

As usual many thanks to all our community, users and contributors!