FusionInventory for GSIT and GLPI 9.5+4.0

1 minute read

We have released a new version of plugin FusionInventory for GSIT & GLPI.


It’s a major version.

List of new features:

  • add code for manage remotework computers and not import external devices in this case. (thanks to ddurieux)
  • minor UI change on Computer tab (thanks to AnthoDingo)
  • fill domain criteria for location rules (thanks to Vyacheslav Kulakov)
  • add icon on deploy packages (thanks to aperret-dcs)
  • add new domain management in 9.5 core version. issue #3162 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • add possibility to use OR in import rules. issue #2887 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • add: retrieve cron tasks from agent (with agent 2.7, not yet released) (thanks to aperret-dcs and ddurieux)

List ot fixes:

  • fix cron_status undefined variable (thanks to nelero)
  • fix Notice when inventory rules are empty (thanks to nelero)
  • fix error JQuery for update graph in task (thanks to lermit4)
  • fix notice of getAllDataFromTable due to manor GLPI version (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix a query to cancel task (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix ports of HP stacks because not have same name format than Cisco or other manufacturers (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix for delete ports in DB and not anymore in inventory sent by the agent (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix deploy file with PHP8.0 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix remove XML file when delete computer, printer, network equipment. issue #2549 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix tests and add tests on all GLPI 9.5.x version (because many are major versions, but only > 9.5.2) and GSIT versions (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix sql error when inventory. Case have a ‘. issue #3142 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix monitor data into GLPI / GSIT. issue #3189 && issue #3096 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • prevent write many logs into errors files of GLPI and enhance disk I/O. issue #3250 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • fix update operatingsystem, cases have multiple entries. issue #3055 (thanks to ddurieux)
  • update oui database, USB and PCI databases


For GLPI users, due to major versions released as minor version in 9.5 branch, this version works only from 9.5.3 to 9.5.7.

Download & install

You can download the version here:

Don’t forget to read the documentation for install / update the plugin