Microsoft Windows installation for Fusioninventory Agent

Microsoft Windows Installation

Since 2.3.x release, FusionInventory Agent comes with a new Microsoft Windows installer. The documentation you have below concerns this new installer. If you are looking for documentation on FusionInventory Agent 2.2.x (or earlier) and its installer, see link.

You can find documentation on FusionInventory Agent 2.2.x.

Get the Installer

You can get the last FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows. The filename of the installer follows this pattern:

                                   |         |
                                   v         |
                             'x86' | 'x64'   |

Some notes about the new FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows.

  • The installer for each <platform>, integrates its native, although reduced, version of Strawberry Perl

  • Inside the <version>, <package> is optional and indicates the secuence of the installer for FusionInventory Agent <major>.<minor>.<release>. A new <package> may contain improvements regarding the installer itself, the agent (patches) or both.

  • It’s possible to install fusioninventory-agent_windows_x86_<version>.exe on a 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows system but it’s only possible to install fusioninventory-agent_windows_x64_<version>.exe on a 64-bit Microsoft Windows system.

The old versions can be found here.

The Installer Manual

You can find the manual of the FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows.

The manual is contained within the installer. You can get it in one of the following ways:

  • C:\> fusioninventory-agent_windows-<platform>_<version>.exe /help

  • C:\> fusioninventory-agent_windows-<platform>_<version>.exe /help /S

It's recommended that you read through this documentation each time a new version is released; the new FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows is still young and it's in constant development, including its manual.

Installation from Command Line and Silent Installation

The FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows performs a visual mode installation unless you specify the /S option on the command line, in which case a silent mode installation is performed.

For more information about the use of the command line, please, see The Installer Manual section above.

Visual Installation

As stated above, if the FusionInventory Agent installer for MS Windows is run without the /S option, it runs a visual mode installation. The easiest way to perform a visual mode installation is double-clicking on the fusioninventory-agent_windows-<platform>_<version>.exe file.

The fields and controls that appear in the visual mode installation are strictly related to the command line options. For that reason it’s recommended that you read The Installer Manual section above before proceeding with the installation.

For more information about the visual mode installation, please, see the following gallery of commented screenshots of FusionInventory Agent installer for Microsoft Windows. (still under construction)

Large Installations

There is a VBScript (Visual Basic Script) allow you to perform an unattended deployment of fusioninventory-agent_windows-<platform>_<version>.exe in large (and in not so large) environments. The script is named fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs.

Installation from Sources

If you are a developer, or an advanced user, you can also install FusionInventory Agent from sources.