Issue tracker

If you want to report bugs or contact the developement team, you can use the mailing lists or the following Fusioninventory team Github issue trackers:

Mailing lists

Please use english langage as much as possible.


FusionInventory has got an IRC chanel on Freenode call #fusioninventory. IRC is used mainly to coordonate developement effort between contributors.

  • Network: FreeNode
  • Channel: #fusioninventory


Telegram FusionInventory community group is available to discuss in live with other community members or even available developers. This channel is also used to centralize development notifications from different sources like github and appveyor builder.


FusionInventory users community forum

  • This forum is also avalaible for end users.
  • It is not directly supported by the FusionInventory team but by FusionInventory users.

Fusioninventory suggestions forum

  • This forum can also be used to quickly submit your ideas or needs.
  • You can easily talk about and review wanted features.
  • If you feel concerned, you should also vote there for your wanted features.


A list of trusted companies is maintained on the partners page. Those companies are involved in FusionInventory developement.