FusionInventory agent 2.0beta3

The 22 February 2010

2.0beta3 Mon, 22 Feb 2010 00:51:36 +0100

* README: clean up
* Do not use IPC::Run, thanks Mario Gzuk
* Fix --local
* fix: Invalid type 'W' in pack in RPC.pm, thanks Mario Gzuk
* HP-UX: fix the module. They'd been broken during the merge
* Turns Off FusionInventory::Agent::Storage
* Correctly checks if $basevardir exist (-d instead of -f)
* --no-ssl-check, show warning just one time
* Libvirt.pm: ignore stderr
* HP-UX: Fix CPU/serial detection on HP-UX 11.31 (Marty RIEDLING)
* POD documentation for FusionInventory::Agent::Network
* POD documentation clean in FusionInventory::Agent::XML::Query::Inventory
* POD documentation for FusionInventory::Agent::XML::Query::SimpleMessage
* Linux: Handle channel bonding interfaces (Stéphane URBANOVSKI)
* XML: clean up addNetwork (Stéphane URBANOVSKI)
* Inventory: use the standard Inventory object
* Inventory: correctly save OcsDeploy package ID
* NetDiscover/SNMP: Various changes (David DURIEUX)
As usual, you can grab the archive from Launchpad or from a CPAN mirror.

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