New forge and GIT migration

The 08 April 2010


Thanks to David Durieux effort, the project is now hosted on a Redmine Forge:

We’re still working on the bug and the feature request migration.

We will then turn these options off on our LaunchPad project.

We also decide to migrate the Bzr repositories to Git for various reasons. Bzr repository format uses to be changed in a incompatible way by Bzr maintainers. Unlike Mercurial, Bzr repository format can’t also be export/import in Git/Hg format without a mapping file. Because of that It’s very hard to work with Mercurial or Git on a Bzr repository.

Now our repositories are in Git format, depending on what people needs, we can provide public Gateway to Mercurial or Bzr. Even svn through Github! (

Gitorious (which is based on FreeSoftware!):

GitHub (which is not 100% free): Fork us! It’s easy!

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