The EON community shows interest for FusionInventory

The 25 December 2010

The monitoring-fr team made an interview of people from the Eyes Of Network community. EON is a software appliance grouping OpenSource tools acting in the domain of supervision.

They describe FusionInventory as a major block in the implementation of a monitoring and CMDB solution.

Here are the translation of some excerpts from their interview :

Jean-Philippe : About FusionInventory, our objective is of course to use the association with GLPI, but also to make easier the implementation of monitoring and, on the long term, of the CMDB.
Michael : About FusionInventory, it's clearly a major block in the adoption of a CMDB [...] the challenge for the version 3 i very high and we will need innovations like FusionInventory to have the most practical answer for our users.
S├ębastien : Shinken as FusionInventory are very interesting and deserve to be studied and tested. The world of monitoring moves, innovates, we must take it into account and no stay "closed".

For more details read the interview of the EON community by monitoring-fr (in french).

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