FusionInventory for GLPI 2.3.6 is available

The 04 July 2011

The plugins FusionInventory for GLPI is now available in 2.3.6. It’s a fix version.

To download : fusioninventory-for-glpi-metapackage_2.3.6 Remember : FusionInventory plugins 2.3.x is compatible only with GLPI 0.78.x and not with GLPI 0.80 !

Tip : Delete the 3 plugins folder in glpi/plugins/ before unpack new version

This is the changelog : Core (FusionInventory 2.3.6)

Local inventory (FusinvInventory 2.3.6-1)

Remote inventory (FusinvSnmp 2.3.6-1)

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