Fund Raising

The 03 September 2013 website is hosted by They offer Ikiwiki hosting for a reasonable price and support FreeSoftware (Debian, git-annex, Ikiwiki, Obnam, etc).

2 years ago the Cornell University decided to pay the bill for 24 months. Again, we want to thank them!

Now the last dollar has been spent and we are looking for people interested in supporting us financially.

The best would be at least $59.99, to get a one year support. Please contact us if you are interested!


The people from Normation paid the hosting till 2017 !!!

Normation is the software company behind the open source project Rudder, a turn-key solution that helps enterprises gain control over their IT infrastructure through automation and continuous configuration assessment. Normation also acts as a solution provider, making available the team’s leading expertise in open source technology and infrastructure orchestration as a range of services including consulting, training and professional support.

Thank you guys!

Contact Us

Several channels to contact us