FusionInventory agent 2.3.5

The 15 January 2014

Hello FusionInventory users,

The FusionInventory Agent maintainers are glad to announce the 2.3.5 release.

You can download it from the usual places:

See download instructions for details.

This release fixes a bug in AD environment on Windows: enumeration of local users and local groups was taking too much time, leading to a timeout issue. It also fixes somes issues with RAID controllers under Linux, and add support for modern MegaRAID controllers. For network inventory, the work to get rid of SNMP models dependency have been continued, and should gives better results in this case.

Due to a last-minute issue in release process, a version has also been released immediatly, but it only fix a minor issue for inventory task on AIX.

We did our best to provide a solid release, please contact us if you believe you find something unexpected.

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