FusionDirectory handles at present inventories managed by FusionInventory-agent

The 04 August 2015

For those who do not know FusionDirectory, this is an infrastructure manager.

It is to LDAP what Webmin could be NIS / NIS +: a modular web interface to manage an LDAP directory. Its modularity also provide the management of services that are not directly interoperable with LDAP.

FusionDirectory thanks to its fusioninventory plugin allows you to store software and hardware inventory in an LDAP directory.

This allows for a searchable list as mac or ip address, but also directly in the system concerned.

During the consultation of a system, a tab inventory will be highlighted if an inventory is available for this machine.

There are for the moment no archiving of data the most recent information is shown.

The integration of fusioninventory is part of new features needed by the upcoming arrival of systems provisioning within FusionDirectory.

You can see screenshots in screenshot menu or directly on this link.

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