FusionInventory - management problems

The 10 October 2021

Hi all.

I have been alerted 2 days ago by a user because issues created in FusionInventory-agent has been marked as solved but in an agent fork and not in the FusionInventory-agent (issue https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-agent/issues/954).

It’s a real problem in this project.

So, I have decided to remove the admin rights to all people (except me).

I retake the entire control of the FusionInventory project.

I will fix and enhance the parts of project.

The first task is to clean and reopen issues closed but not really solved in the agent.

I’m really sorry for this problem and I will do all I can to fix it.

More news soon.

Best regards, David Durieux

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