Monthly report - october 2021

The 31 October 2021

Hi all,

I introduce a new communication way to give information to people about FusionInventory project.

The idea come from CIG and their monthly reports about the game Star Citizen (yes I love it :p). So, I think it could be a very good idea to do the same thing for the FusionInventory project.

Let’s go \o/

New website

Like you can see it few days ago, I add a new jehyll theme for the website. The content is the same but the displaying is different.

It’s a nicely to read and the theme is really more modern.

Communication / contact ways

I have reduced the too many ways to communicate with developers and between users.

The ways abandonned:

The new way:

The others ways always opened:

You can get these information in the contact page.

Development: Communication protocol

The agent communicate with server (plugin FusionInventory for GLPI) by:

I’m rewriting all of them to have FULL REST API communication with the server. So exit XML, and welcome nice JSON and standards.

The specifications are currently in write and code has begun on both parts: agent and server.

Development: Inventory informations

The consequence of modify the communication protocol, the local inventory is currenty updated to have a better usage.

We used the OCS Inventory specs and we have completed it the last 11 years but never totaly reformated. The devices have evoluated but not the information structure (and we have too the smartphone inventory in this structure).

Next versions (agent and server)

The next version of agent will be the major version 3.0. The next version of plugin Fusioninventory (server) will be the 9.5+4.0.

This is the defined compatibility table :

Contact Us

Several channels to contact us