Plugin FusionInventory - support for GSIT and GLPI - status

The 27 March 2024


Many of users ask me for the plugin FusionInventory compatible with last versions of GLPI (10.0.12, 10.0.13…).

I share with you the status and the plans for the future.

Support of GLPI: discontinued

Since the first version of 9.5 of GLPI and for versions 10.0 too, most of the minor versions are unstable and breaks internal/plugin API.

So, to have a functional version of plugin FusionInventory, it requires so many times each month to ‘just’ work.

You can see the problem on ‘official’ plugins like Formcreator:

It’s a nightmare for developers, and I think it’s the same for users want to try to have versions compatible.

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For these reasons, the support for GLPI is DISCONTINUED.

Support of GSIT: supported

GSIT is a fork of GLPI, the main goal is to have a more stable version and more secured.

The plugin for GSIT is supported, the next minor version is planned next weeks.

Support of FusionSuite: supported

And to finish, the integration of the server into FusionSuite continues, the software is not yet released, but the works on it continues, planned this year.

David Durieux - FusionInventory project leader

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