Monthly report - April 2024 - Agent 3.0 in RUST

The 01 May 2024

This is the monthly report for April 2024.


This is some news regarding the development of FusionInventory agent 3.0.

Why no news since couple months?

I took a break from development to take some time to think about Agent 3.0.

After the first testing session (in November 2023) by users of the new agent, some things are good, but others are not, especially in 2024.

List of good points

This is the list of good points:

List of bad points

Solution: develop the agent in RUST

After much thought, the best solution is to code it in GO or RUST to have a only one exe.

I have compared the 2 languages, and I decided to use RUST, it seems the best choice for the FusionInventory agent.

Good points for this new agent:

Code has started?

Yes, the development of the agent has started.

I started from scratch, but in fact no, I use many parts for the new agent coded last months:

I started with the local inventory module; I have coded about 15% of it in couple days. It’s fast to code and pleasant to do.

I’m very excited by the agent. It is fast to run (yes, I tested it) and quickly to code!

I think the local inventory will be at a high percentage in June/July, stay connected ^_^

David Durieux - FusionInventory project leader

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